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Candidate Profiles

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Pictures and descriptions of Candidates endorsed by UHPA

YouTube Playlist of CD1 Interviews

All candidates that UHPA interviewed are included here.

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Gil Keith-Agaran for Senate District 5

The University of Hawaii’s critical mission should be providing Hawaii’s residents of all backgrounds with access to a quality education and developing them into productive members of our community who can think clearly, independently and critically.

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2014 UHPA Candidate Endorsements

UHPA has endorsed the following candidates as of June 13, 2014.

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Malama Solomon for Senate District 4

“Here to serve all of the people, and if things are to improve, we must all take responsibility to make it so.” Malama Solomon

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Karl Rhoads for House District 29

As the son of a mathematics professor and an elementary school teacher, I value education very highly. While multiple factors contribute to the success of a university, financial support is very important. This is true not only for physical plant, but in terms of faculty compensation as well.

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Robert Harris for House District 48

I would like to convey my sincerest thanks to the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly Union for its endorsement. My heart resides at the University of Hawaii. My father is a faculty/UHPA member and I previously taught at the law school. I am a proud graduate. Many of my successes are owed directly or indirectly to the education I received at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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Cynthia Thielen for House District 50

As a graduate of University of Hawaii, Manoa and the WSRSL, I have represented House District 50 (Kailua, Kaneohe Bay) in the State Legislature since 1990 and am Assistant Minority Leader. I serve as Vice Chair of the Energy & Environmental Protection Committee, ranking member for the Judiciary, Consumer Protection & Commerce and Water & Land Committees, Co-Chair of the Women’s Caucus, and member of the Keiki and Kupuna Caucuses.

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Josh Green for Senate District 3

Mahalo for endorsing me. It is a great honor to have the support of UHPA.

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Christopher Stump for House District 17

As a graduate from the University of Hawai’i and the son of a professor in the University of Hawai’i system, I understand the many challenges that the faculty face each year. Some of the problems facing the University are dwindling financial support, out of touch legislators, and facilities that are not adequate to instruct an ever-growing student population.

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Nathaniel Kinney for House District 23

I am writing to express my gratitude to the University of Hawaii Professional Association Political Endorsement Committee and the Board of Directors for their support in my campaign for State House District 23.

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